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Anna Nicole Smith

Obviously we as a whole recall show, sex image, performing artist and prepare wreck TV character Anna Nicole Smith. Anna was conceived Vickie Lynn Hogan in Harris County, Texas on November 28th, 1967. I recollect the primary picture I ever observed of Anna, it was a full face shot and I thought then that she was possibly a standout amongst the most excellent ladies I had ever found in my life. I continued perusing that she was going to be “the following Marilyn Monroe”, and from what I saw, I trusted it. Be that as it may, things went south for Anna, and her vocation never hit the statures everybody anticipated. She passed away on February eighth, 2007 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. On February seventeenth, 2011, a musical drama in light of her life, “Anna Nicole” appeared at London’s Royal Opera House to a sold-out group.

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