Coin Marketcap is the most visited website and app. All the coin information is available on it.

Coin Marketcap was founded by Brandon Chase. He launched it in May 2013. Mobile app came out in April 2019.

The objective of Coin MarketCap was to provide complete information about cryptocurrencies to the people.

Coin Marketcap is the most trusted source today. Price alerts can also be placed here.

In 2020, Binance acquired Coin Marketcap. Binance is a blockchain and exchange company.

Information about any coin can be obtained on Coin Marketcap. Investors use it a lot.

Coin MarketCap can also be used without buying. Watchlists can be created by watching.

Coin Marketcap is also popular with media, so all updates are available.

The profit of buying and selling coins can be seen on Coin Marketcap.

Coin marketcap list comes after getting information about new coin.

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