SBF's Shocking Writings Reveal What He's Really Thinking After FTX Collapse

Recently leaked writings from Sam Bankman-Fried show he still doesn't take responsibility for FTX's collapse.

He seems most upset about being hated and feeling broke despite billions missing.

  SBF wrote he'll never make a net positive impact, focusing on his reputation.

His "ends justify means" philosophy got him into trouble before.

SBF enjoyed luxury living, contradicting his schlub image.

He wrongly thinks he "did what was right," unable to see harm caused.

SBF's parents, Stanford professors, supported his ascent and still back him.

His dad advised FTX and echoed SBF's philosophies.

SBF inherited a flawed consequentialist ethical framework from his mom.

SBF's family prioritized their ideals over real-world impacts of his actions.