What is DAI? Is it Safe to Invest in DAI?

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What is DAI?

DAI, the decentralized cryptocurrency backed by collateral aims to maintain a stable value of 1;1 with the US Dollar. Unlike asset backed cryptocurrencies issued by profit driven companies DAI is created through open source software called the Maker Protocol. This protocol functions as an application on the Ethereum blockchain.

Of relying on protected US Dollars for stability DAI maintains its value by using Ether, which is the cryptocurrency of Ethereum as collateral through collateralized debt positions.

Collateralized debt positions provide lenders with a way to offer loans using their assets. These loans historically come with interest rates compared to unsecured loans because lenders can seize assets in case of default and sell them to repay the debt.

By utilizing contracts on the Ethereum platform via the Maker Protocol lenders can lock ETH and other crypto assets as collateral for loans. This process generates DAI tokens in the form of debt.

Borrowers who want to retrieve their ETH need to repay DAI along with a fee back, to the protocol.After the loan is paid back the system destroys the DAI that was used as collateral and sells it through an auction process within its market.

The network has been designed in a way that prevents any individual or entity from manipulating the amount of DAI in circulation. Instead it automatically adjusts based on changes in asset values, within its contracts using a set of contracts.

The Dai price

Check the Dai price page for more details on the current DAI value, trends, and price history.

DAI Overview

Coin NameDai
Market Cap$5,357,604,927
Circulating Supply5,359,070,928 DAI *

How Does DAI Work?

DAI is a type of cryptocurrency that maintains a value by interacting with other cryptocurrencies.

If people want to get DAI they have two options; they can. Use ETH to buy an equivalent amount of DAI on a trading platform or they can use the Maker Protocol to secure their ETH and other assets as collateral in order to generate DAI.

The second method allows individuals to acquire DAI without needing to sell their ETH.

Collateralized Debt Positions (CDPs)

Collateralized Debt Positions (CDPs) are like contracts within the Maker Protocol that enable users to lock up their collateral assets, such as ETH or BAT in order to create DAI.

Think of CDPs as secure storage vaults for holding the mentioned collateral. Due to the volatility of collateral it’s common for DAI to be over collateralized. This means that the required deposit is usually higher than the value of the generated DAI.

For example users might need to invest $200 worth of ETH in order to obtain $100 worth of DAI. This takes into consideration decreases, in the value of ETH. Consequently even if ETH experiences a 25% decrease the $100 worth of DAI will still be securely backed by $150 worth of ETH.

To retrieve their stored ETH users must repay both the borrowed DAI and any applicable stability fees.
This system guarantees the reliability of DAI and its capacity to stay linked to the US Dollars value.

Who created DAI?

DAI was brought into existence by Rune Christensen in 2014 under the umbrella of the Maker Foundation. The Maker Protocol, an open source project initiated by Christensen aimed to establish a credit system that enables users to secure crypto backed loans.

In 2017 DAI officially debuted on the Maker Protocol as a means to provide collateralized loans for both individuals and businesses.

Over time the control of the software governing DAI was transferred from the Maker Foundation to MakerDAO. This decentralized autonomous organization currently. Governs the protocol.

What gives value to DAI?

Stablecoins like DAI serve as tools for traders seeking to mitigate the often turbulent price fluctuations in cryptocurrencies determined by open markets.

By pegging its value at $1 DAI provides traders with a way to minimize risks associated with drops in Bitcoin or Litecoin prices. However it does expose them to losses if these prices experience unexpected surges.

Another advantage of DAI lies in its ability to reduce transaction costs and delays inherent in conducting crypto market transactions using traditional government issued currencies. This eliminates intermediaries like banks that may cause execution delays.

Moreover DAI offers users access to loans that can potentially be more advantageous, than existing alternatives.Unlike the process of banks or financial institutions evaluating ones creditworthiness DAI users simply need to deposit Ethereum and obtain DAI.

When they choose to repay the loan they are only required to pay an extra charge.

Why Choose DAI?

One reason people may consider purchasing DAI is because it provides the security of stability amidst the nature of cryptocurrencies while also offering the transparency advantages of a well functioning digital currency.

Similar to cryptocurrencies DAI is borderless, programmable and easily transferable. However it sets itself apart by providing the benefit of price stability.

Crypto enthusiasts can efficiently transfer DAI into their accounts. Utilize it for trading with other cryptocurrencies.

DAI as a Currency Option

DAI stands out as the pioneering cryptocurrency that combines decentralization with collateral backing. It serves as the token of the Maker Protocol aiming to mitigate volatility in blockchain based transactions. As an ERC 20 token its value remains consistently equivalent to one US dollar. The system heavily relies on contracts to automate processes on the Ethereum blockchain.

DAI emerged as a solution to address concerns regarding instability in order to restore user confidence, within the world of cryptocurrencies.

Main Features of DAI

  • DAI is a digital currency that functions as a stable cryptocurrency backed by collateral.
  • It provides security and transparency, in transactions.
  • Users are increasingly putting their trust in DAI.
  • Unlike currencies it eliminates the risks associated with credit.
  • It operates as an open source currency.
  • MKR tokens and DAI have trading purposes.
  • Its main goal is to tackle the volatility of cryptocurrencies.
  • To maintain stability it is safeguarded by an authority.

How Does It Solve Price Stability Issues?

DAI is linked to the US Dollar and essentially maintains a value of $1 at all times.Traders find confidence in trading due to the factors that influence its value. Conversely the system governing it maintains stability by regulating fluctuations, in the price of the US Dollar set by the authority ultimately benefiting its users.

Advantages and Disadvantages of DAI

DAI cryptocurrency has its set of pros and cons. One concern is that it may not operate efficiently in the coming 4 5 years. When a borrower fully repays the loan there could be a loss due to its drop in value. DAI is primarily focused on lending.

However as we can see DAI has established its position. Gained popularity especially within the crypto community. This is because it maintains stability ensuring the preservation of currency value.

Using DAI likely provides benefits related to transactions.

Thanks to its peg with the US dollar, DAI minimizes or eliminates instability. Currently the value of DAI stands at 80.6494 with an expected return of 0.03%. Similarly a seven day return is projected to remain at 1.22%.

DAI tokens are destroyed after each loan repayment, by borrowers providing reassurance that no third party involvement or additional charges will be incurred by them.

On this platform both lenders and borrowers have the freedom to decide on interest rates that will be repaid based on the original loan amount.


In conclusion trading DAI can be an option due to its popularity and rapid growth as a cryptocurrency. As mentioned earlier the platform makes changes based on votes from MKR token holders ensuring an safe environment.

When it comes to security DAI stands out as one of the reliable cryptocurrencies for investors. It also addresses the issue of currency stability by maintaining its value pegged to the US dollar.

Ultimately the decision to buy or trade DAI tokens is yours. However conducting your research before making any decisions is always advisable. If you’re unsure seeking guidance from a cryptocurrency expert can provide insights. Platforms like CoinBase, Gemini or Kraken offer options for purchasing DAI.

To gain knowledge, about cryptocurrencies enrolling in a cryptocurrency course could be beneficial. Blockchain Council offers certified courses that are affordable and tailored to individual needs.

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