What is USD ? Is USD Coin a good Investment ?

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What is USD ?

  • USD Coin (USDC) is a digital currency that is fully supported by reserves of American dollars. It represents a version of the US dollar with each USDC coin having the same value as one US dollar. The purpose of USDC is to maintain a value making it a type of stablecoin.
  • Stablecoins in general achieve price stability by being backed by reserved assets like dollars or euros. Unlike volatile cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum the value of USDC remains relatively steady.
  • It’s important to note that despite its name USD Coin is not issued or endorsed by the US government. Instead it operates as an open source project where anyone can examine its code and contribute to its development.
  • To gain a comprehensive understanding of USDC you can continue reading to explore how it functions and discover its various applications within the realm of digital currencies.

Key Highlights

  • USD Coin (USDC) serves as a cryptocurrency supported by fiat money ensuring stability.
  • The reserves backing USDC are held in accounts, with financial institutions regulated in the United States.
  • USD Coin is not directly issued by the US government.

Understanding What is USD Coin (USDC)

  • USD Coin (USDC) is a currency that has full backing from American dollars or assets like American Treasury securities. The reserved assets of USDC are securely held in accounts with regulated financial institutions. Grant Thornton, an accounting firm oversees the management of these assets. Provides monthly verification reports.
  • You might be curious about how USDC maintains a 1;1 peg with the US dollar. Well when you decide to buy one USDC using fiat currency the fiat money is. Held as American dollars while a new USDC is created. On the hand if you sell your USDC for fiat money the corresponding amount of fiat currency will be transferred back to your bank account and the USDC will be removed from circulation.
  • USDC can work seamlessly on blockchains such as Ethereum, Algorand, Solana, Terra and Tron.
  • The Centre consortium manages USD Coin through a collaboration between Coinbase (CZI) a cryptocurrency exchange platform and Circle,a financial technology company. Together the consortium aims to bring about changes, in the global financial landscape by connecting individuals,businesses,financial services and currencies worldwide.
  • Simply put USD Coin is a currency that maintains stability and trust by being backed by American dollars. Its value remains constant and reliable.

USD Coin Overview

Coin NameUSD Coin
Market Cap$26,160,817,472
Circulating Supply26,154,856,704 USDC *

How does USD Coin work?

What is USD ? Is USD Coin a good Investment ?
  • USD Coin (USDC) operates by being supported by real world assets and is often referred to as a fiat stablecoin. As its name implies fiat collateralized currencies are backed by a currency like the American dollar or British pound.
  • To maintain the value of USDC at $1 each USDC token is backed by cash reserves and short term American government bonds. Typically there is $1 worth of reserves held for each USDC token in circulation.
  • When cryptocurrency investors purchase USDC they expect it to always have a value, to one US dollar. So why would someone own USDC? The common use case is acquiring USDC storing it in an exchange or cryptocurrency wallet and then utilizing it for purchasing other cryptocurrencies.

What makes USD Coin special?

  • Transparency and reliability are aspects when it comes to stablecoins. USDC aims to provide users with an experience similar to any other digital currency allowing for easy transfers between crypto wallet addresses.
  • The management of USD Coin crypto is handled by Centre, a consortium that includes Grant Thornton, LLP one of the leading accounting firms in the country. They release reports that provide valuable information about the total number of USDC tokens in circulation and the value of reserves supporting USDC. This transparent approach ensures that every USDC account holds funds.
  • Another distinguishing factor of USD Coin is the type of assets that support it. Unlike some stablecoin issuers who rely on financial instruments USDC reserves consist exclusively of American Treasury securities and cash deposits.
  • To summarize USD Coin operates by securing its value with assets. Its stability and transparency have made it a favored choice among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, for a range of transactions.

History of USD coin

  • USD Coin (USDC) was created by Circle, a company specializing in peer to peer payments and Coinbase Global (NASDAQ;COIN) a cryptocurrency exchange. The introduction of USD Coin was first announced by Circle on May 15 2018. They managed to raise $110 million for its launch.
  • The management of USD Coin was established by the Centre Consortium in 2018. It made its appearance when Coinbase made it available to its users. Both Circle and Coinbase are founding members of this consortium.
  • USD Coin officially launched on September 26 2018. According to their report published in October 2018 there were approximately 127 million USDC coins, in circulation. As of 2022 the number has exceeded a 55 billion.

The Transparency Offered By USD Coin

  • Steve Bumbera, the Chief Operating Officer of the Centre Consortium highlights that USD Coin is considered a stablecoin primarily because of the high level of transparency surrounding its fiat reserves.
  • Bumbera explains, “Centre collaborates with auditors and government regulators to ensure transparency and provide documentation regarding the support for US dollars.”
  • You can also access the report on these reserved funds, which includes information about the amount of USDC in circulation and its corresponding value in American dollars. Grant Thornton, an auditing firm has conducted audits on USD Coins reserves. As of May 2022 Circle has made an announcement stating that it will release weekly attestation reports. This move aims to foster trust, in USDC by disclosing the amount of actual funds backing this stable currency.

How USDC transactions works

  • When you purchase 1 USDC a fresh USDC is created.. If you decide to exchange 1 USDC for fiat currency the coin is “burned” during the transaction.
  • Similar to the dollar USDC can be divided into smaller units. You can hold little as 0.000001 USDC although Coinbase sets the withdrawal limit at 0.001 USDC. It’s not possible to withdraw than 15,000,000 USDC at once.
  • According to Marko Manoppo, Director of Digital Asset Research “Participants in the asset market can engage with or transact using USDC on exchanges that offer trading pairs involving other stablecoins or directly interact with entities that issue USDC.”
  • USD Coin adds liquidity to cryptocurrency markets. Is supported on various prominent blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Algorand (ALGO) Solana (SOL) and TRON (TRX) as a valuable asset. For specific details it’s worth noting that USDC also functions as an ERC 20 utility token—a standard used for creating smart contracts, on the Ethereum network.

USD Coin vs Bitcoin : Understanding the Differences

What is USD ? Is USD Coin a good Investment ?
  • The main difference that distinguishes USD Coin from Bitcoin is that it is fully backed by reserves.
  • According to Manoppo USDC is supported by assets, unlike Bitcoin. Bitcoins value relies on the narrative of scarcity to gold.
  • While the value of USD Coin depends on the dollar Bitcoins value comes from its limited supply. There will ever be around 21 million Bitcoins in circulation with about 19 million currently in the market. Crypto enthusiasts believe that this scarcity will continue to increase the coins value over time.
  • However determining the value of any asset solely based on peoples perceptions presents challenges as shown by Bitcoins nature.
  • In contrast USD Coin has maintained stability throughout its existence with some minor fluctuations during extreme market periods as noted by Manoppo.
  • On the hand digital assets tied to fiat currencies like the US dollar do not provide a significant hedge, against inflation.
  • Ultimately choosing between USD Coin and Bitcoin depends on preferences and investment goals.Bitcoin has the potential to bring in returns because of its scarcity narrative while USD Coin provides a more stable alternative for those who want to avoid price fluctuations. However when it comes to countering inflation it may not offer as protection, as traditional investments tied to fiat currencies.

Advantages and Disadvantages of USD Coin


  • price volatility meaning it is less likely to experience significant price fluctuations.
  • It is fully supported by regulated and reserved assets providing a sense of stability and security.
  • Can serve as a hedge against currency fluctuations protecting against losses due to changes in currency values.


  • It does not offer price appreciation meaning its value remains relatively stable without growth over time.
  • The exact composition of reserved assets may not be entirely transparent leading to some uncertainty about the underlying assets supporting it.
  • Although it provides stability it can still be affected by fluctuations, in the value of the US dollar.

Using USDC Coins : How and Why

  • USDC (USD Coin) can be utilized in ways as a stable digital asset;

Mitigating Volatility Risks

  • Investors who hold cryptocurrencies can strategically reduce the volatility of their portfolios by acquiring stable currencies such as USDC. Owning USDC during times of market instability can help stabilize the overall value of the portfolio.

Valuing Digital Assets in Fiat Money

  • On cryptocurrency exchanges stable currencies like USDC can be used to convert the prices of listed assets into fiat money.

Representing Value

  • Due to its price stability USDC can serve as a representation of equity ownership or fund investments. Additionally it can be utilized to represent deposits or loans.

Facilitating Cross Border Remittances

  • Beyond banking systems USDC can be used for cross border money transfers. Recipients have the ability to hold USDC without requiring a bank account or being concerned about currency fluctuations.

Accessing Non US Dollar Investments

  • Investors interested, in US dollar investments have the option to include USDC in their cryptocurrency investment portfolios.

Safeguarding Against Currency Inflation

  • For individuals who’re worried about their local currency being impacted by inflation a way to protect the value of their money is by holding stable currencies such as USDC.

Expanding Opportunities for Funding

  • Startups and nonprofit organizations now have the ability to raise funds from investors and donors around the world by accepting digital currencies. By using currencies like USDC they can ensure that the value of the funds raised remains steady over time.

Enhancing Blockchain Compatibility

  • USDCs compatibility with blockchain networks makes it a valuable tool, for simplifying payment systems and applications across multiple blockchain platforms.
  • To put it simply USDC provides an dependable choice for investors and users who want to steer clear of price fluctuations and protect their funds from currency changes. Its function as a digital asset makes it a vital tool for various financial uses and engagements, within the blockchain community.

Is USD Coin (USDC) a Good Investment?

  • When considering an investment in USD Coin it’s important to note that you won’t experience any returns. The primary purpose of this cryptocurrency is to maintain stability than aiming for significant price appreciation.
  • Investing in USDC is akin to keeping your US dollars securely stashed away with the value never surpassing the amount of physical cash.
  • As previously mentioned there are avenues for earning profits from USDC. One potential way is by lending your USDC to cryptocurrency investors, which can generate passive income through interest payments. However it’s crucial to recognize that no investment is entirely devoid of risk and providing your USDC as a loan carries a level of inherent risk.
  • The underlying objective of USD Coin revolves around offering businesses and individuals an more cost effective means of transferring currency thereby eliminating the dependence on traditional intermediaries, like banks.

What Type of Stable Coin is USD Coin?

  • USD Coin (USDC) is a type of stable coin that is backed by fiat currency, similar to the US dollar. Unlike stable coins, which may use cryptocurrencies, algorithms or hybrid mechanisms as collateral USDC relies on fiat currency for its backing.

Is it risky to invest in USD Coin?

  • Investing in USD Coin (USDC) carries some level of risk due to it being a cryptocurrency. While stable coins like USDC tend to have price volatility compared to other cryptocurrencies they can still face scrutiny from regulatory bodies such as the US Securities and Exchange Commission. It’s important for investors to be aware of these risks, before considering purchasing USDC.

Can I Buy Less Than $1 Worth of USD Coin?

  • Yes you have the option to buy fractional amounts of USD Coin, similar to how you can divide the US dollar into cents. You can acquire little as 0.001 (which is equivalent, to one tenth of a cent) of USDC.
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